Musailma Kazzab

For the past 14 centuries the belief of Finality of Prophet hood has been unanimously accepted amongst the Muslims. This belief is the core foundation of Islam and is the sign of unity and spirit in the Muslim Ummah.

Allah Ta’ala made Adam (Alayhissalam) the first Prophet and appointed His beloved Muhammad (Sallalah-u-alayhi-wasallam) to be the last and blessed him and only him with the honour of being the Final Prophet. The Prophet Muhammad (Sallalah-u-alayhi-wasallam) in his final sermon delivered in the presence of more than 125,000 Sahabah announced the completion of the religion of Islam.

Holy Prophet Muhammad(Sallalah-u-alayhi-wasallam):

Now, no Prophet of any kind will be born after the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallalah-u-alayhi-wasallam).

The Qur’an is the final book from Allah Ta’ala, this Shariah is the last guidance for the Muslims and this Ummah is the last Ummah.

The belief of finality of Prophethood is so clear that Allah Ta’ala declared it in about 100 verses in Quran and the final Prophet Muhammad (Sallalah-u-alayhi-wasallam) himself explained it in more than 200 Ahadeeth. The Prophet Muhammad (Sallalah-u-alayhi-wasallam) whilst announcing the end of Prophethood also warned Muslim Ummah about the appearance of false prophets and labelled them as Kazzab (Liars) and Dajjals (deceivers). Therefore, according to his prophecy in the past 1400 years false claimants like Musailma Kazzab, Aswad Ansi till Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani tried to deceive the Muslims in the name of Islam but in every instance Allah Ta’ala raised individuals and groups to protect the belief of finality of Prophethood. These individuals and groups presented their lives for the defence of this belief and not only educated the Muslim Ummah about their disbelief but saved them from going astray.

During the khilafah of Abu Bakr Siddique (Radhiyallahu-Anhu) Musailma Kadhab laid a false claim of Prophethood.

The Sahabah presented their lives in the battle of Yamama to seize this fitna. Amongst them were Huffaz, Qaris and Badri Sahabah (who took part in the battle of Badr). In this manner this blessed jamaat presented their lives but did not let the flag of finality of Prophethood fall. When Musailma of Qadiyan (India), Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani (1840-1908), made a false claim of Prophethood, the Ulama fulfilled their role and saved the Muslims from disbelief and issued the fatwa of Kufr for Mirza Qadiyani and his followers.

Activities of Qadiyanis:

When the activities of Qadiyanis (Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) increased in Pakistan,the Muslims appealed to the government to declare Qadiyanis as Non-Muslims. In 1953 the movement in defence of the belief of finality of Prophethood began. The people in power opened fire at them which resulted in the martyrdom of 12,000 Muslims according to one estimate.

In 1974 the Qadiyanis (Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) attacked Muslim students with batons at the Channab Nagar railway station (formerly Rabwa) that resulted in a wide spread movement within the country following which on 7th of September 1974 the Pakistani Parliament amended the constitution and declared Qadiyanis as Non-Muslim minority. In this course on 26 April 1984 “Ordinance XX” was implemented to prevent anti-islamic activities of Qadiyanis which caused fourth leader of the Qadiyani cult, Mirza Tahir, to flee Pakistan and take refuge in London.

Qadiyanis (Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) established their headquarter in London and began spreading their heretic beliefs worldwide in newspapers, journals, publications and electronic media in the name of Islam which caused distress amongst Muslims. Therefore, it was necessary for the Muslims to educate the Muslim Ummah to disassociate Qadiyani beliefs from Islam.

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